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Many families love where they live, but may not love their home. Or perhaps they love their home but need more space. Or, maybe they've finally found that perfect home in the perfect neighborhood, but darn it, it just doesn't have a garage. Whatever the reason for needing to add on to an existing home, Image Contracting is up to the task.


We can build-out, add-on, or build-up. Add a second floor. Need a garage, a sunroom, another bedroom? Expanding a kitchen? You name it. 

Image contracting has a team of interior and exterior designers, architects and building engineers to bring your needs from concept to reality. 

What to expect...

Additions are major renovations with many, many factors to consider. Once we have an opportunity to discuss your ideas, we can start to develop a budget. However, to give you a rough idea, you can expect to pay a minimum of $40,000-50,000 for a small one level addition complete and inclusive of design, drawings and permits. A 2 car garage would likely run you $70,000-$80,000 and a larger, multi-level addition would be a minimum of $150,000. This is using modern, high quality building products & systems, and with mid- to high-end finish inside and out. There are many contractors who will happily do low-grade work using inexpensive building materials and techniques that don't hold up to time and the elements, but that's not us.


Virtual New Home

Hubbard Elevation.png

This project we completed in Litchfield, NH is a particularly dramatic example of an addition, as the project involved virtually every room in the existing home. The addition was an expansion of an existing mudroom and open catwalk above which joined the main home to the garage (the master bedroom was above the garage).


Unlike a typical addition which starts from scratch and is added onto the existing structure, sandwiching an addition INTO a home and tying it all in perfectly is a difficult task at best.

The addition added a bedroom, relocated the mudroom and doubled the size of the kitchen.

Other parts of the project included adding 3 dormers across the front of the existing home, raising the mudroom floor 18" to the level of the kitchen, installing a brand new gourmet kitchen and appliances, installing a few new windows and doors, a new roof, and re-siding the house.



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