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Small Jobs

Image contracting strives to meet all of our clients' needs, large or small, so we can build lifetime relationships. We have always happily accepted jobs many other contractors consider too small, or outside their preferred scope of work. These projects are typically a couple hours to perhaps a day or two of work.

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What we call our Small Jobs Service, many people call"handyman" work. And we're OK with that! So OK, in fact, that Image Contracting is a certified member of the only trade association for handyman professionals, assuring you of the quality of our work.

We don't mind if you call it handyman work as long as you understand the difference when we come do the work for you. You'll be receiving the work of a professional contractor with the experience, technical expertise, full insurance and all the proper, quality tools to do the job right.

Our reputation depends just as much on flawlessly hanging a family photo as it does on a custom kitchen. You're not going to have a "tinkerer" show up. You won't be dealing with someone who has sketchy or no insurance. And you're not going to have someone ask to borrow your tools to do the job.

Why Image Contracting for Small Jobs?

Image Contracting is insured for multiple trades and for work "not otherwise classified". We pay a substantial sum to maintain that specialized coverage. What does this mean and why is it important? It means if you need a heavy mirror hung, a garbage disposal changed, a leaking faucet repaired and a light fixture installed, Image Contracting is insured for all of those activities! Most general liability policies would exclude the electrical and plumbing portions and may or may not cover small odd jobs. Yes, your home can burn to the ground from an improperly installed light switch. Yes, you can suffer a total loss from a catastrophic plumbing leak. How much is your home worth to you?

Just because something is a small job doesn't mean you should settle for less than you deserve.
Contact us today to discuss your "To Do" list!

Common Small Jobs:

  • Hanging Artwork and Mirrors - Over the years we've built a thriving cottage market expertly hanging expensive artwork in high-end homes. We'll hang your daughter's school work too!

  • Repairing Drywall - Ceiling damage. Holes in walls. Matching textured ceilings is a specialty.

  • Small Carpentry Projects

  • Installing Light Fixtures

  • Baby-Proofing

  • Assembling Playsets - You don't want to try this one!

  • Changing Locks and Knobs - Save a ton over hiring a locksmith.

  • Demo Jobs - Decks, sheds, interior demo, junk hauling.

  • The list goes on....see below for some examples of our work...

Pricing Schedule

While we try to price most of our jobs complete, due to the nature of small jobs, sometimes they are billed on a Time & Materials basis. The following is our Small Job pricing schedule if we are unable to quote your project complete:

Minimum Charge: $250.00 covers up to 2 hours ($400 for 2 man crew)

Additional Hourly*: $120.00/hr ($200/hr for 2 man crew) *up to 4 hours total

Full Day*: $1200.00 ($1800 for 2 man crew) *4 hours or more

Materials used are billed in addition to labor.

Carpentry Projects

Carpentry Projects

See some examples of small carpentry projects

Wall and Ceiling Repair

Wall and Ceiling Repairs

See some examples of wall and ceiling repair projects

Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures

See some examples of light fixture projects

Playset Installation

Playset Installation

Image Contracting has built a niche specialty in installing large playsets and play yards.

These are a projects we love doing.

Playsets are priced on a per-job basis.

See some examples of playset projects

Hom Gym

Home Gym 

View this home gym we created by installing a rubber floor, baseboard and a wall-mount TV



View this large exterior demo job we completed

Pellet Stove Backdrop

Pellet Stove Backdrop

We "remodeled" the backdrop for this pellet stove


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