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Specialty Services

Image Contracting provides a number of unique services other contractors simply aren't able to.

Prior to entering the building industry, founder John Harding spent 12 years in the real estate finance industry. He also spent 2 years as a licensed NH Apprentice Real Estate Appraiser. Combined, John has over 25 years' experience with every facet of the broader real estate industry. This makes John an expert in things such as: what FHA/VA requires for property condition in order to issue financing, how to manage the massive amounts of paperwork required for rehab and renovation loans, and what items are most important to address when preparing a home to sell.

Image Contracting also offers REO services for banks (entering and securing the property, condition inspection, clean-out, completing any repairs, regularly scheduled property checks, etc.), as well as clean-out services for property owners or sellers.

Property Clean-Outs

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