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REO Management

Image Contracting offers services for banks to help manage REO properties.

Typical services would include:

  • Initial entry and securing the premises (new locks, securing damaged points of entry, etc.)

  • Identifying utility providers and forwarding contact info to bank

  • Conducting a thorough initial inspection for overall condition, functioning systems, damage

  • Ensuring the property is weather-tight (Broken windows? Leaking roof?)

  • Performing any clean-out

  • Winterizing if needed

  • Estimating needed repairs and completing any that are requested

  • Regular, scheduled property checks

  • Coordinating with listing agents as necessary

Image Contracting has completed many REO projects with lenders, but we are particularly proud of this project. This home is the largest and most expensive private home in Litchfield, NH. We took this property over for the bank in the middle of Winter, 2015. 


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