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Deck Projects

Deck Resurface

Manchester, NH

Stripped off the old wood decking and replaced with composite.

Deck Resurface

Merrimack, NH

Here we replaced the original mahogany decking with Trex® composite boards and the railings with Trex® vinyl rails. This job required a little extra work because the screen porch had been built on top of the deck. We had to flush-cut the deck boards to the porch and do some re-framing of the deck to carry the porch wall above.

Wood Deck Resurface / Refinish

Merrimack, NH

This wood deck had been previously painted, and the main deck boards had a deck "restorer" product applied over that. The boards were in rough shape, and the restorer product proved to be permanent and unable to be sanded off. We replaced all the main deck boards with new ones and then painstakingly sanded the deck frame and stairs. All was given a coating of high quality professional semi-trasparent, tinted sealer.

Deck Repair/Railing Replacement

Bedford, NH

This wood deck had railings that were badly rotted. And unattractive as well. The wide slats used for balusters obstructed most of the view. The railings were also built to outdated standards with notched posts which had split and become unsteady. Today's deck building standards call for solid, not notched, rail posts (despite being able to still find them in home improvement stores). We removed the old railings and posts and installed all new ones. The finished product is much sturdier and more attractive. 

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