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New Love

Nashua, NH

This project was in a 4 bedroom cape. This was the second floor bathroom, used by the two upstairs bedrooms, one of which was the master. We were given two directives for this project: improve function and correct the mistakes. All on a tight budget.


A previous homeowner had done a DIY remodel on this bathroom and, for lack of a better descriptor, had butchered it. The pedestal sink makes no sense here, and was quite literally useless for our client. The beadboard-panel wainscoting displayed minimal carpentry skills at best and was a real displeasure to look at day after day. And the yellow and purple paintjob was riddled with massive drips and surface imperfections. The light fixtures are literally $4.00 at any box store.

First, we got rid of the sink and fixed the incorrect plumbing we discovered which involved opening up the floor and re-piping. Then we removed all the baseboard trim, which was the incorrect style and had large gaps between it and the paneling. We filled nail holes in all the trim, caulked cracks and gaps and spent 2 days power-sanding the entire bathroom to get rid of the cosmetic imperfections. We installed new baseboard proper to the style of wainscoting.

Then we gave it a beautiful, fresh paintjob in pleasing colors; installed the new vanity and mirror; changed the light fixtures (correcting some wiring along the way); installed a new, quiet and high-flow exhaust fan; changed out all the fixtures in the shower; installed a new curved shower curtain rod and all new towel racks. 

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