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Stair Projects

Safety First

Bedford, NH

The existing deck was extremely unsafe. In fact, our clients didn't even walk on it. It was probably built by a previous homeowner, but definitely not by a reputable contractor and without any permits or inspections. Not a single thing on the whole construction of it was right. Or safe. It was literally falling down on itself. Our client wanted it gone. And in its place a functional, if only temporary, set of stairs so they could use the entrance until they saved up for a new deck.

Rustic Charm

Bedford, NH

This is a genuine log home in Bedford, NH. I thad the front steps as originally built. Although the builder may have been going for some type of rustic look, the steps themselves were not built to any type of code whatsoever. They were impractical, unsafe, and frankly ugly. Our clients wanted new stairsm and they wanted them in the maintenance free composite materials their side deck had been built of. These new stairs built of all modern components look perfect with the rustic, log construction of the porch and home. Mission accomplished!

New Door

Bedford, NH

After we added the french doors where a window had previously been, we built these beautiful stairs to go with it. Our clients have since painted them white.

New Construction

Litchfield, NH

This was an addition of ours and the steps we built for the new main door to the home.

Stair Refresh

Merrimack, NH

We replaced the existing front entry steps with composite treads, PVC risers and vinyl railings.

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