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Wall Projects

Here you will find examples of the many types of wall projects we complete.

Wall Removal

This was a non-load-bearing wall we removed as part of a major kitchen remodel in Salem, NH. Our clients never used the dining room and wanted an open, functional kitchen with high-end touches.

Wall Removal

This was an odd dividing wall in what otherwise could have been a large and elegant great room. It never was clear whether the previous owners had added it or whether it was part of the original build. There was an out-of-place wet bar in the front room which the previous owners had used as an office. We removed the wall (and wet bar), opening up the space into one usable and elegant space.

Wall Removal


(Undermount Beam)

This was a dramatic transformation. As part of this high-end kitchen and whole-floor remodel, this wall between kitchen and dining room was completely removed. It was a load-bearing wall. Working with load-bearing walls requires the building of temporary walls to support the weight above. This job also required significant modifications to the home including shoring up the framing in the basement, and adding multiple support columns. For budget and design considerations, the beam was mounted below the ceiling and we fabricated a custom wrap which looks like a solid, antique beam.

Wall Removal


(Recessed Beam)

This load-bearing wall between kitchen and dining room was removed. Our client chose to recess the beam into the ceiling for a clean, open look. In this case, we had to cut and jackhammer the basement floor to pour a new concrete footing and add another support column to carry the weight above.

Once we started doing demo we found that the "pass-through" opening was not original, it had been created by a previous homeowner. It was NOT framed properly for a load-bearing wall, it had just been cut out and cosmetically finished. The joists for the floor above had sagged significantly as a result. The full-length of this wall, because that was now a weak point. This is why it is so important not to attempt to do this if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Wall Removal

Load Bearing

(Enlarging Opening)

This cased opening between the kitchen and dining room was enlarged by about 2 feet. It was in a load-bearing wall and so required the same procedures as removing an entire wall, such as building temporary walls, except on a mini-scale.

Wall Removal

The dividing wall between kitchen and dining room was removed. Also, the wall next to the refrigerator was shortened to match the depth of the new counter-depth refrigerator.

Pass-Through Opening

Sometimes, a project ​calls for creating a pass-through opening in a wall rather than full removal. That was the case in this kitchen remodel. We were contracted to perform only parts of this job, Structural framing, drywall and cabinet installation specifically.

Here we created the pass-through opening, framing it for a potential stone bar top and enlarged the doorway as much as possible. In the process, our plumber had to remove a baseboard register, re-route a heat supply pipe, and reinstall the baseboard register. 

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